[RE]vent | 19-25 July 2021, Copenhagen



Co-create with us!

[RE]vent is a one-week 200-people co-created communal event that aims at creating a magical space that allows us to grow and engage in self- and other-exploration. [RE]vent has many faces and aspects and it is for all participants to find out what experience they want to create, but our focus lies on exploring how to relate authentically with ourselves and others.

A burn is not a festival — it is a co-created event in which all participants are invited to bring their own gifts and skills to build a magical place together.
That’s why we don’t sell tickets but memberships: they grant you access to [RE]vent and also invite you to co-create it.
At the same time memberships are the financial backbone of the burn — all income will flow into renting the space and equipment, funding dreams, and anything else we need for [RE]vent.