At [RE]vent we invite each other to form families that operate as small organisational and social units for managing food and building a camp. Within the family many things can be created and families offer a Great opportunity to deepen relations and unlock new ones! While you are welcome to come to [RE]vent and not join a family (and cook your own food on your camping stove), we highly recommend creating or joining a family!

The families form either from already formed connections or on the [re]connect facebook group. We also have a family info-sheet in our Master Spreadsheet where all families should be described, including information on whether they look for more members.

The size and the StYle of each family is decided by the family itself. Usually though, the families come together to at least organize cooking equipment and share cooking duties among each other. Given that we do not have kitchen or kitchen-supporting electricity on site, families should organize their own kitchen equipment (preferably gas stoves). Families are of course welcome to team up with other families to share the equipment they bring or rent. Each family is also responsible for their own washing station (three big water buckets and a big table will usually be enough) and MOOP station (our fancy word for recycling/trash station; MOOP = matter out of place).

In addition to the practicalities, families can become a vehicle for creating a dream or a project that the family together offers to others. Families can also organize their own sharing circles, small opening and closing ceremonies, and create safe havens to which their members can return during the event. It’s really up to you what you make of your family!

The [RE]vent’s placement lead will facilitate physical placement of families at the location, depending on the size and wishes of respective families.

Register your family or connect to one of the established families in the master spreadsheet (you have a link to it in the infomail and in the FB group for members).

Authors: Michaela & Piotr