Food and kitchens

At [RE]vent we provide two big cooling trailers, where members can store their food throughout the event. However, cooking equipment and dishwashing stations have to be organized by members themselves. We encourage you to create families of 10-20 people and rent/organize your equipment and share the cooking responsibility. Please be aware that there is no electricity available for cooking equipment, so best if you bring gas stoves.


At Tysmosen we have access to two saunas. One next to the cafe and one next to the pool. We will be responsible for cleaning the one next to the cafe. It's very important that we follow the cleaning guidelines that TysTys will give us, when cleaning the sauna. We are not allowed to pour anything on the saunas (water, oils etc.)

The saunas will be available on specific times during the day. Some of the people from Tysmosen would like to do saunagus for us. We will know closer to the burn, when that will happen. The sauna next to the pool has to be turned on by paying 20 kr. to a machine. We do not have to bring coins - Tysmosen will provide coins or deactivate this system somehow. More information on this when we arrive.

Showers and Toilets

At Tysmosen, we have the luxury of both indoor and outdoor shower facilities. However, hot water will be limited, so expect to take cold showers at rush hours. In addition to the indoor toilet facilities, there will be 2-3 rented outdoor toilets by the check-in area.


Pool-time is day-time. No swimming at night! Before you jump into the soothing coolness of the pool, please wash yourself - you filthy animal.

The ground

The soil of the ground is REALLY wet somewhere, so be aware that its not allowed to drive a car through the camping area. There is a parking lot in the beginning of the camping area.

Sound policy

We can party-harty as long as we want, but sound coming out of speakers outside has to be off at 24.00 pm monday-thursday. Either friday or saturday the sound has to be off at 2.00 am. The other day its 24.00.

We are very welcome to bring “silent disco” and keep the dancing going. Maybe that's a dream of yours?

What is a good idea to think about as a soundlead: What way should the speakers turn if we are taking nature and neighbours into account? Can the speakers be smaller than last year? Can we think about how loud the bass are?

Part of Tysmosen is a protected area and the animals are not used to loud speakers, so lets make it enjoyable for all livings to be present :D


Tysmosen is a nudist camping site on a regular basis, so there might be some raw human bodies both among our hosts and among ourselves.


Only dogs are allowed and they have to be on a leash at all times. They are not allowed inside of the cafe, check-in area, toilets, baths, saunas, and nearby the pool.

Authors: Amalie & Baloo