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--= Membership Transfers =--

Why memberships and not tickets?

A burn is not a festival — it is a co-created event in which all participants are invited to bring their own gifts and skills to build a magical place together. That’s why we don’t sell tickets but memberships: they grant you access to [RE]vent and also invite you to co-create it. At the same time memberships are the financial backbone of the burn — all income will flow into renting the space and equipment, funding dreams, and anything else we need for [RE]vent.

[RE]vent has a total of 200 memberships. They will be sold in three different categories:

  • low-income: 700 DKK
  • regular membership: 950 DKK
  • supporter: 1200 DKK

We will have a minimum amount of low-income memberships that will be allocated through the means of a lottery. Supporter memberships in return are meant for people with stable and sustainable income. The surplus from supporter memberships will either allow more low-income memberships, or help fund the event itself. No personal profit is generated.

How to apply for a membership

Since we decided that we wanted the [RE]vent to help in the growth of the [re]connect community that stands behind it, we will start handing out memberships first to people who have been part of the community. They also have the option of inviting 1 other friend who has not been part of [re]connect so far. While we reserve 80 spots for [re]connecters initially, there will only be 40 spots available for a +1 friend. This is to make sure that we have at least 80 spots reserved to welcome new people to the event and the community.

In case the sign-ups exceed the total limit of each round, there will be a lottery for each round. People who have signed-up in the first round but not received a membership, will automatically take part in the membership lottery for the second round. In case not all memberships are sold after the second round, all memberships can be bought on a first come first serve basis.


  • 5th of May: sign-up for 1st round
  • 15th of May: 1st lottery and invitation to buy a membership & sign-up for 2nd round
  • 26.05: 2nd lottery
  • 3rd of June: open sale


If everything goes well, there is no option to let your membership be reimbursed. If you bought a membership and can’t go, then it is your responsibility to find another person to sell it to. Once you found someone, please get in touch with Thibault via our contact email:

In the unfortunate event that we have to cancel [RE]vent because of corona, we will reimburse the memberships, but we will not be able to reimburse the full amount. Even before the event we will have to put down expenses that we will not be able to cancel. How much of the original fee we will be able to reimburse is hard to tell at this point.


We will follow governmental regulations with regards to COVID-19 precautions. Expect more information in early July. Either way, however, we recommend all non-vaccinated participants to test themselves shortly before coming.

Author: Thibault